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Mike Williams

Director of MWMedical and MWDesign Ltd, Mike is a practicing industrial designer with 25 years industry experience both in Europe
and NZ.
“I started MWMedical in response to the P
ēpi Splint project in order to apply focus to the product. Functional design is at the root of my design philosophy."


Neil Gibb
Business Developer

Neil has been a strong supporter of the Pēpi Splint, inspiring new ideas for the progression of the product into the global market. Neil has many years of experience transforming businesses to succeed in their field, and is pushing for Pēpi Splint to be the number one choice in hospitals around the world. 


Georgia Fulton
Senior Designer

Georgia is the senior designer at MWDesign, Mt Maunganui. Georgia is a
co-developer of the P
ēpi Splint, involved from the start. Georgia has brought a design sensitivity to the Pēpi Splint, resulting in its final elegant form.


Andrew Porter
Senior Designer

Andrew is the senior designer at MWDesign, Hamilton. Andrew is a co-developer of the Pēpi Splint and the father of baby Chase. Andrew’s first-hand insights were critical in fast tracking the design from concept to prototype.

The Team

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